Wedding Customs of Different Countries

France: White Marriage


White can be used as the main color of French weddings, since it is viewed as the most romantic color in the world. Everything will be covered in white, no matter  it’s the flower used for decoration or the wedding dress itself. We can find that the French people take white color seriously through this sort of customs, tagging it as the signal of purity and flawless. It’s worth notified that “wedding armosre”, a kind of cutboard especially made for weddings, will be made as dowry in France. The cupboard is inscribed with exquisite patterns that symbolizes health and prosperity, which is exactly why that it’s also called “the cupboard of hope” as well. Moreover, the cup of the couples also enjoyed a good name, coupde marriage, meaning “the cup of wedding”.


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The Meaning of Wedding Dress Colors (2)

Black Color is a classic color for dresses. First of all, it matches all color skins, so wearing black dresses, the white-skin brides will look brighter and more beautiful, and the darker-skin brides will look more mysterious! Black-color dresses will create the stable and elegant feeling, but you need to behave actively, unless your facial expression may make the guests feeling embarrassment. So if you are not out-going brides, you’d better avoid black color designer gowns.

ALB12301aAfter Song dynasty since the ancient Chinese feudal dynasties, bright yellow colors are used only for the royalty. Even today, many people will regard yellow as a symbol of luxury; so many dresses were made in yellow or bright yellow colors! So yellow wedding dresses usually represent richness and luxury!


Red color usually means life, active, healthy, passionate and happy! People seldom choose red wedding dresses, but red reception dresses or occasion dresses are pretty necessary! Red wedding dresses make the bride looks very passionate and stimulate, and wearing red wedding dresses is pretty easy to light up the atmosphere, make people feeling active and passionate! In western countries, red color was a sign to inspire courage for the soldiers, however in the eastern countries, red color represents optimism and festive! So wearing red wedding dresses is very suitable for eastern weddings!