Wedding Customs of Different Countries

France: White Marriage


White can be used as the main color of French weddings, since it is viewed as the most romantic color in the world. Everything will be covered in white, no matter  it’s the flower used for decoration or the wedding dress itself. We can find that the French people take white color seriously through this sort of customs, tagging it as the signal of purity and flawless. It’s worth notified that “wedding armosre”, a kind of cutboard especially made for weddings, will be made as dowry in France. The cupboard is inscribed with exquisite patterns that symbolizes health and prosperity, which is exactly why that it’s also called “the cupboard of hope” as well. Moreover, the cup of the couples also enjoyed a good name, coupde marriage, meaning “the cup of wedding”.


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Bridal Make-up Steps for a Beautiful Forehead

You can use some bright foundation over the whole eyebrow. The color of the product should be the same color as the skin color or it can be a little brighter then the facial color. Pay specific attention to the collacation between your complexion and the color of the wedding dresses.


Then you can use large brush to sweep the foundation you put on the forehead to create a sense of brightness on the forehead.

After this step, you should use the flat contour brush to dip some shadow powder to sweep it around the headlines, which can be used to create a three dimensional effect. When you use it, you should pay attention to that the amount of the foundation should be little. Or it will be unnatural.


If you do all these things, then the whole bridal makeup can be much better. And this can make the whole face be brighter and more beautiful.


Deep V neckline princess wedding dress shows pure fantasy

In all the girls’ hearts, the wedding day can be the most important day in their lives. Many would-be brides are dreaming about building warm and romantic weddings for them, and the most important thing of such moment is an appropriate wedding dress. So lots of would be brides will concern a lot about the beautiful wedding dresses.


There are lots of young people like making the wedding parties very gorgeous. They think that this wedding day should be the most important day in a girl’s life. And the wedding dress could choose the conservative white color, which has been famous as the main color of the wedding parties. In this case, you can choose an elegant white wedding dress from our shop, you will never feel regret about this decision. And you can also buy other accessories to decorate the wedding dress. Just as you want, you can tell us your idea. we will try our best to give you the ideal wedding dress.


This deep V neckline wedding dress belongs to the princess wedding dresses, the big luminescent spot of this princess wedding dress is in its distinctive deep V neckline design, which can perfectly show the proud figure of the bride, and the design of the belt make this wedding dress have more composition maturity, which can let the bride appear more dignified showily.

Ball Gown Sweetheart Floor Length Lace Wedding Dress

The high waistline of the princess wedding dress can not only reveal the master feminine curves of the brides, it can also reveal the noble temperaments of the brides. We can find that the V style of this wedding dress can make the bride appear sexier. And the transparent yarns can make the brides look like the angels of the heaven.