Bridal Make-up Steps for a Beautiful Forehead

You can use some bright foundation over the whole eyebrow. The color of the product should be the same color as the skin color or it can be a little brighter then the facial color. Pay specific attention to the collacation between your complexion and the color of the wedding dresses.


Then you can use large brush to sweep the foundation you put on the forehead to create a sense of brightness on the forehead.

After this step, you should use the flat contour brush to dip some shadow powder to sweep it around the headlines, which can be used to create a three dimensional effect. When you use it, you should pay attention to that the amount of the foundation should be little. Or it will be unnatural.


If you do all these things, then the whole bridal makeup can be much better. And this can make the whole face be brighter and more beautiful.


How to Dress for a Groom

sale-1 1.Consider your best man
Your suit should accord with your best men. The style should be in harmony!
2.Consider your body shape
If you are a a short man, you should select two or three-button buckle low collar button suit jacket which will lengthen the figure. If the groom is wedding dress styles 2016 thin and tall, he has many choices.If you want the groom does not look so thin, you can try double-breasted suit.

cocomelody3.Consider your wedding venue
One basic principle for choosing:the groom should dress considering the venue. For instance, in a ultra-luxurious wedding, the white tie dress is your first choice – a black tuxedo, white shirt and white tie match. In a daytime or outdoor wedding, you can dress a little casually. In the ornate hotel ballroom or held in the evening, a decent dark tailored suit, or tuxedo will be better!