Bridal Make-up Steps for a Beautiful Forehead

You can use some bright foundation over the whole eyebrow. The color of the product should be the same color as the skin color or it can be a little brighter then the facial color. Pay specific attention to the collacation between your complexion and the color of the wedding dresses.


Then you can use large brush to sweep the foundation you put on the forehead to create a sense of brightness on the forehead.

After this step, you should use the flat contour brush to dip some shadow powder to sweep it around the headlines, which can be used to create a three dimensional effect. When you use it, you should pay attention to that the amount of the foundation should be little. Or it will be unnatural.


If you do all these things, then the whole bridal makeup can be much better. And this can make the whole face be brighter and more beautiful.


Mermaid Wedding Dresses with Middle Trains can Make you Sexy Like a Mermaid

A lot of girls have seen the fairy tales. And they are deeply influenced by them. The special type of the mermaid coming from the fairy tale has charmed so many girls; even a lot of people in the real world will imagine that if they are mermaids. Or once in a dream, they will think about that what can they do if they one day become mermaids. Although this desire can not to be achieved, the mermaid wedding dress can help you realize the dream through the special design and satisfy everybody’s mermaid dream to a certain extent.


The biggest characteristic of mermaid wedding dress is that it can be used to highlight the bride sexy spots of the S type curve line, to the bride with perfect figure; this can be the best choice for her. Because of that the mermaid wedding dress is one of the most beautiful wedding dresses which can show their elegant demeanors type wedding dress. And here I want to introduce a mermaid wedding dress for you. The design of this wedding dress is very characteristic; all adopt the use of personal styles from the tail up tailoring techniques, in order to perfect the outline of the bride sexy curve line.


This type of mermaid wedding dress is dedicated in the design, and many details are worth seeing, such as the details in the design of the part of the chest, wiping a bosom of this wedding dress and look like a small peach, which can let the bride become even more charming. And the waist using a little silver belt, in order to reflect the beauty of the bride’s figure and make the curve become more concave and convex, which can be very sexy. And under the mermaid wedding dress with loose skirt type design can look like a blooming flower, which is very beautiful, pure, fresh and elegant.