The Traditional Bridegroom’s Suit Collocation: The bowknot can be a good choice.


The bridegroom’s suit: if your bride chooses a traditional wedding dress, then you should choose an appropriate suit from men’s wear to collocate with it. The V neckline can be full of personalities. And you can choose black bowknots as decoration.

The shirt: the shirt with one button can be the most classic one. The shirt and the buttons can be the best collocation. The vest can be prepared if you are tall and thin. So this can make their shirts be closer fitting. And this can make the clothes like a formal shirt.


The cuff: you can use this to collocate with the traditional dresses, or you can choose those chic cuffs. But they should not be too exaggerating. Or others will think that you are show off your own cuffs.

Trousers: don’t choose those long trousers. The lines of the trousers should be clear and clean. If you don’t like those straps, you can use belt as a choice.

Shoes: no matter you like the ties or not, you should choose the soft black shoes. And they should be new.